Wealth Empowerment State of Mind

Wealth Empowerment State of Mind

By Speakeasy Podcast Network


We all know there is a major wage gap between men, women and minorities. When it comes to personal wealth and savings, there is an even bigger gap. Wages are a big factor, but for women and minority owned businesses it is the ability to access the resources to establish, scale and grow our business.

It is a challenge when you get the sense that you are not being taken seriously, to find your way into the prominent networks that drive business only to find there are few that look like me, all while dealing with the pressures of balancing life’s responsibilities and a persistent fear of failure.

Wealth Empowerment State of Mind is a podcast where we share the stories of successful business owners and industry leading financial experts who have found wealth beyond just money. Some stories may make you laugh, make you think or make you cry but all of them will inspire you to embrace your journey towards wealth empowerment.