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Episode · 3 months ago

Episode 26: Holly Houston - Attorney at Law


Linda welcomes Holly Houston to the podcast. Holly is passionate about changing systems to make them work and solving problem, rather than exacerbating them. She is a 20 year solo #FamilyLawyer and she is a #FamilyLaw Mediator who is chair of the LBA Alternative Dispute Resolution section this year, a member of the KBA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, an ABA Fellow, a partner and co founder of www.magnumopal.com, an online platform for news written and reported through a woman’s lens, co-founder of Greater Louisville Outstanding Women in 2009, founder of the Human Rights section at the LBA and recipient of the Nathaniel Harper award from the KBA for work promoting diversity in law, a lawyer member of Louisville CEDAW (Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), a Leadership Louisville Connector, a Junior League sustainer, an ADPi alum and a new mom to Oliver Wendell Houston, who she adopted in December 2020 form the Kentucky Humane Society. She writes articles from her viewpoint about how the world impacts women when she has time.


“Find as much joy in every situation that you can, with the knowledge that everything is temporary. ”

-Holly Houston


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