Episode 2: Deanna Farrugia - Perspicacity


Linda Ruffenach sits down with Deanna Farrugia.

"I wouldn't change a thing. I failed and continued to get back up."


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Episode · 5 days ago

Episode 10: Barbara Armand-Kushner

Linda Ruffenach sits down with Barbara Armand-Kushner. Barbara shares how her father helped her embrace and harness her mind for math and science, and use her strengths to leverage the life she wanted for herself. She also discusses a major intermal change that she felt compelled to foster and how the external world around her followed suit; in turn generating the wealth and respect that she had rightfully earned.

"Don't be afraid to get in the fast lane and keep driving."

-Barbara Armand-Kushner


Episode · 1 week ago

Episode 9: Alycia Levels-Moore - ASL Creative Strategies

Linda Ruffenach sits down with Alycia Levels-Moore. A born singer, now from gospel to opera, Alycia is also a creative problem solver within her business, ASL Creative Strategies, supporting the creation of black-owned businesses and making strides toward eliminating the racial wealth gap. She "lives to inspire" and is driven to help people discover their talents and crack open their potential so they may pursue their dreams in entrepreneurship or wherever they may lie.

"Don't try to fit in. Learn how to stand out!"

-Alycia Levels-Moore

Find Alycia on LinkedIn and Instagram, or visit her website:


Episode · 2 weeks ago

Episode 8: Cara Siletto - Magnet Culture

Linda Ruffenach sits down with Cara Silletto, President and Chief Retention Officer of Magnet Culture. Cara touches on the importance of listening for unique problems in different markets and finding solutions. She shares how she plans for growth and the compromises worth taking to hit your goals; as well as how setting criteria to keep your business in its lane, is ultimately going to increase profitability and productivity.

"Don't be afraid to sell it then build it."

-Cara Silletto

@magnetculture on FB & LinkedIn



Episode · 3 weeks ago

Episode 7: Timalyn Bowens - Bowens Tax & Bookkeeping

Linda Ruffenach sits down with Timalyn Bowens, Owner and Operator of Bowens Tax & Bookkeeping. With her experience as an Enrolled Agent, licensed through the IRS, Bowan shares her beliefs in preventative measures and strategic tax and budget planning to achieve profitability. She's recently launched a YouTube channel to further engage small business owners with sound tax advice.

"You don't need to be perfect. Just fail forward and keep going."

-Timalyn Bowens


Find Timalyn Bowens on FB & LinkedIn