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Episode · 6 months ago

Episode 29: Stephanie Heeb - YourChoice Concierge


Stephanie founded YourChoice Concierge because she is passionate about seeing others succeed. She discovered a major vacuum for supporting successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to balance their professional and personal demands. After analyzing the limitations of basic clerical support, impersonal on-line support and other options she decided it was time to fill this gap by starting YourChoice Concierge. Stephanie knows quality-time and busy-time balance is critical both professionally and personally and offering as-needed work-life balance support can give more individuals the tools they need to be successful and live life their way. She prides herself on excellent customer service and loyalty. Her focus on client relations makes working with YourChoice Concierge a unique and high class experience. Stephanie exudes positivity and enthusiasm for her work and has developed a long track record for exceptional results. Her high-energy level and eager attitude are infectious and a key part of our ongoing success. With over a decade of experience in a high paced corporate environment Stephanie leverages her expertise and experience to help formulate a smooth process of helping individuals find their productivity rhythm and gain hours back to their day. Stephanie is continuously showing her dedication to providing only the highest quality service and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! She's spoken at several events, including Venture Connectors and has been featured in numerous publications, including Today's Woman Magazine and Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs.

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